Friday, March 26, 2010

So many fun colors this season!

It's really amazing to me to watch the trends that unfold season after season. Last fall it was all about navy blue, and then over the winter I used almost every drop of gold ink I had in the house (And there were plenty of gold envelopes as well!) This spring it is all about color - ANY color. Bright and bold, or soft and muted. And it's such a treat to work on them! The first photo here was done in all lowercase to match the rehearsal dinner invites for Rona. The second set comes from for Lindsay. Love that pink! (Formerly fine script lettering - now called autumn!). In the third photo we used the mash up style in a baby pink to match the naming ceremony invitations for Paula. The last two photos were placecards and table name frames for Jenn. I LOVE the combo of the blue and green together. (It was night when I took the picture, and terrible lighting, but the colors were stunning together!) I can't wait to see the preofessional shots of those! Keep those colors coming!


  1. Michele-Your work is absolutely amazing. Not only are Rona and I THRILLED with your calligraphy, we are STILL hearing compliments from the invites sent to our guests. Thank you so much for making my wedding preparation absolutely perfect!

  2. ♥♥♥ Hey Jill! You know I was happy to do it for you guys. I'm glad you were so happy with it!!