Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Odds and ends

These are a number of different types of projects - the ones I tend to find the most fun!  :0)

The first photo is a sign I made for a friend's art studio.  It was quite a process to get the colors to blend from one to the other, but I loved the effect.  The second shows a few reception signs, and a larger sign made for a mother to hold with her son for a wedding photo.  The third shot is a birth announcement that used my writing in the letterpress process, as did the invitation suite in the next photo.  The table numbers had a unique placement and embellishment.  I absolutely adore these signature drink signs!  I used Pinterest boards full of chalkboard designs as inspiration for these.  And the final photo shows more ideas for wedding signage.

Seating chart post

I did a lot of these this year - I think more than any other year in the past.  Are they growing in popularity??


The first chart pictured was a super fun project.  The bride was inspired by Pinterest and I included a bridal silhouette and then formed the dress out of folded wired ribbon, hot glued in place.  So much easier in the end than I thought it would be, and the effect was so striking!  The second chart wanted shades of purple and flourish lettering.  The third was a frame in which the bride added a photo of themselves before displaying.  The next one was such a vivid color combination.  I always love working white ink on black paper, but the pink was such an amazing contrast!  And finally, a dark green ink with simple white and peach embellishments.


I often forget to photograph placecard jobs before I return them.  They work up so quickly!  Here are a few I did remember to shoot before returning. 

Rainbow cards, gold art deco cards in flourish, cloud cards with weather related table names, pink cards with large first name only on the front, trailing off the sides of the card.  (I loved these!!)  Small tags in chancery, and flourish in white on pewter escort envelopes.

Just envelopes

That may seem like a bland post title, but I have a few other posts coming up with so many things that ARE NOT envelopes, that I thought this would be a good way to begin. 

The first photo shows four styles - wispy, autumn Katie, and mashup with diagonal names.  The second photo is block with a custom ampersand.  Next there is wispy lettering in grass green ink and mashup in white ink on mustard yellow envelopes.  Finally, the last two show the heather and the autumn styles.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Different projects

On top of all of the usual envelopes and placecards, there have been a number of different projects to keep me on my toes.  The first photo is a poem a friend wanted to frame for her living room.  The second was a custom lettering style for Celiday, who wanted things large and loopy and on the diagonal.  The third was a poem given as a gift, and the last photo shows a seating chart that would have been right at home at my own wedding had I been doing this 13 years ago!

Some recent trends

Mash up seems to be the lettering style of the season - in many colors and different incarnations.  We see it here in pink on black envelopes with a unique (and lovely!) return address choice.  The second photo is white ink with an offset name on black paper.  The third shows the mashup in gold ink written inside a preprinted border, and the fourth shows it in a deep purple with a flourish below.

New pictures for the new year

I've been so busy writing I haven't had time to update!  Here are some examples of what I've been working on lately.  The first photo shows heather lettering in a shimmery blue ink.  The second is wispy lettering in gold (and to some fun addresses!).  The third photo is chancery lettering in navy ink, and the fourth is block lettering in magenta.