Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun colorwork

Hello! Well, the virus has *mostly* been resolved, so while I have a quiet moment, here are some of the paper and ink things I've been working on. The first was a sign to adorn a getaway golf cart for a Florida wedding - I matched the details from the table cards to the sign. (Sorry it's rotated - that's another whole issue...). Can't wait to see the finished cart! The second set was actually much brighter than it photographed - a lovely bright hot pink that was so much fun to work on for Stephanie! (fine script, black ink). The third set was alt caps lettering and a custom mixed green ink to match Cindy's invitations. I always love working with light ink and dark paper - so pretty! (And while the invitations were not mine to show - they were GORGEOUS! Check out ....) Finally a mix of gold and navy blue fine script lettering to compliment the icing on Regina's envelopes. The spring always brings out the creative colorwork. There's been a lot of gold lately - I think that may be the 'it' color so far this year. Happy planning!

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