Sunday, March 25, 2012

Letterpress suite, and really great color!

The first photo in this post is one of my favorite things in a long time. Kristin from letterpressed my calligraphy (a modified Katie style) onto a suite of invitations for Lauren. I love, love, love the way they came out. The color comination is wonderful, and the suite is even more impressive in person! The quality of the paper and the way the writing feels is just gorgeous. Thank you so much Kristin!!
The second photo was a mash up style - you can see the paper that Isabel provided as a color sample and the finished product. The third photo is flourish lettering in white ink on aqua paper - such a pretty spring feel! The final photo is another mashup - white ink on silver paper. I always love the look of white calligraphy on dark paper!
I'll do my best to be a better blogger and update with photos more often. Enjoy the spring everyone!!

Catching up, post 2

Here we have a lovely shot of Andrea's placecards (flourish in black ink) taken by her photographer, a set of envelopes done in autumn lettering and navy ink, with the coordinating return address (I've done a lot of return addresses lately - I feel like it's become something of a trend to have them written instead of printed), and lastly some really beautiful cards (the photo barely does the shimmer justice) written in wispy lettering and black ink.

Catching up on old photos

Hello, and I'm sorry! Moving into the new house, painting, organizing, surviving the holidays, and now trying to set up the new garden has taken up my time and I have not had the chance to update with new pictures. Here are just a few to try and catch up. The first photo is my new desk, and where all of the magic happens! (lol) The second photo was some signage I did for a Christmas flea market, and the last was a custom style I did to match the font used on a client's invitations. Since blogger limits my photos per post I'll head over to the next post to add a few more!