Monday, October 3, 2011

We are MOVING!

Last but not least, just a heads up that we will be moving to a new house during the weekend of October 15-16. I am already living in a land of boxes, but in the midst of moving I might be difficult to reach for a few days. I am hoping to be able to keep the same email address and phone number (I am only moving a few blocks away), but the mailing address will certainly change. I will do a mass email to all of my current clients with all of the changes as soon as we are in and settled. If the email address or phone number does happen to change I will post that here once I know. And if you are interested in booking for a spring wedding, NOW is the time to do it, to ensure that you get the week that you want. :0)

A few more placecard ideas, and envelopes for a rehearsal dinner done in the uneven lettering. I always like that one - it's fun to do, and its a nice option when you don't need it to be too formal...

Seating Chart

I just adore the color combination here. I don't normally get to buy the materials for a chart - I like to let the bride do that. But this time, since Carrie was too far away to drive to me twice I went to AC Moore to pick up the materials, with her ideas on colors. The flowers were a single silk hydrangea blossom that I took apart and arranged and hot glued, and the rhinestone flourish is a sticker that is a single piece! Couldn't be easier and looked just gorgeous when done.


This is just a sampling of the super creative placecards I have seen over the past few months. Seriously - people ask me all the time what is 'common' to do for placecards, but I can't even answer that question! There seems to be no common placecard - you are limited only by your imagination!

So many pictures to post!

So this summer, after 2 1/2 years on the market we finally sold our little house and are moving on to bigger and better things. In the rush of 'email this QUICKLY' and 'sign this paper and get it back to me NOW' and 'do we have enough boxes' and every other ridiculous thing that comes up with selling a house and moving there just hasn't been time to get the photos up here. I've been taking them though - so here's just a sampling...

The first photo is one of my favorite things that I have ever worked on. Katie provided all of the information and a general sketch needed for the map, and then she took my image and had it letterpressed to match her invitation suite (for which I also provided piece work that she had letterpressed). The final image is one of the signs I did - there were many - that I can't wait to see the photos of as they were set up at the actual event.