Friday, July 2, 2010

New pictures - part 2!

The colorwork this spring has truly been amazing. I've never seen such a wide array of colors all in one season - it's been so much fun to work with! The first photo was really a blast. Lindsey wanted a style similar to the mashup - we used wispy lettering for the name instead of flourish and since she had long envelopes we were able to put the address all on one line below. The white ink on the red paper really popped, and bonus - see those gorgeous invitations? She handpainted each one herself!! The second photo was for Flavia. She had two diferent colored envelopes (greay and blue) for the outers - we used navy ink in wispy to do all the writing and added an apple green flourish to the inners to tie it all into the invitations. Gorgeous! Next was Stephanie in different shades of lavender. The writing is actually a very pale lavender in flourish and coordinates with the invitations nicely. And the last set is autumn lettering in silver ink on navy envelopes - I just love light colors on dark paper! Finally, in a July 1 post on you'll see some stunning pictures of Lauren's wedding. Scroll down the pictures along the right side of the post and you'll see some nice shots of table and chair signs we worked on. A really beautiful wedding! Next week available is currently September 5-11, so if you're interested, let me know. Also, depending on how busy my fall schedule looks, I was thinking of running a Christmas card promotion - last year it seemed to be a big hit! Thanks for looking, and happy planning!

New pictures - finally!

I feel like I haven't posted new pictures in ages - here is just a taste of what I've been working on. The first shot is a birthday invitation for a three year old. The envelopes (smoke & track included) were all done by me, and they were so cute all lined up on my table that I had a very hard time packing them up to send them away! So cute Lindsey!! Second picture was a custom design for Laura, who wanted lots of swirls. Third set also a custom style for Katie - I like this one so much I may play around with it and offer it as a regular style. Fourth picture is part of the butterfly phase. The butterflies themselves were placed in champage glasses, and Melissa actually sent me some really great pictures of them all set up as well. Butterflies were very big this spring - I had another set of white cards with butterlies stamped out along the top that I used coral ink on - very light and fun! (Don't have a picture though - boxed them up before I remembered...) The last shot was a custom designed monogram for Michelle's placecards and menus that she had printed. Really like how the monogram came out! Blogger limits me to 5 photos per post, so onto the next one I go...