Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Odds and ends

These are a number of different types of projects - the ones I tend to find the most fun!  :0)

The first photo is a sign I made for a friend's art studio.  It was quite a process to get the colors to blend from one to the other, but I loved the effect.  The second shows a few reception signs, and a larger sign made for a mother to hold with her son for a wedding photo.  The third shot is a birth announcement that used my writing in the letterpress process, as did the invitation suite in the next photo.  The table numbers had a unique placement and embellishment.  I absolutely adore these signature drink signs!  I used Pinterest boards full of chalkboard designs as inspiration for these.  And the final photo shows more ideas for wedding signage.

Seating chart post

I did a lot of these this year - I think more than any other year in the past.  Are they growing in popularity??


The first chart pictured was a super fun project.  The bride was inspired by Pinterest and I included a bridal silhouette and then formed the dress out of folded wired ribbon, hot glued in place.  So much easier in the end than I thought it would be, and the effect was so striking!  The second chart wanted shades of purple and flourish lettering.  The third was a frame in which the bride added a photo of themselves before displaying.  The next one was such a vivid color combination.  I always love working white ink on black paper, but the pink was such an amazing contrast!  And finally, a dark green ink with simple white and peach embellishments.