Friday, March 26, 2010

So many fun colors this season!

It's really amazing to me to watch the trends that unfold season after season. Last fall it was all about navy blue, and then over the winter I used almost every drop of gold ink I had in the house (And there were plenty of gold envelopes as well!) This spring it is all about color - ANY color. Bright and bold, or soft and muted. And it's such a treat to work on them! The first photo here was done in all lowercase to match the rehearsal dinner invites for Rona. The second set comes from for Lindsay. Love that pink! (Formerly fine script lettering - now called autumn!). In the third photo we used the mash up style in a baby pink to match the naming ceremony invitations for Paula. The last two photos were placecards and table name frames for Jenn. I LOVE the combo of the blue and green together. (It was night when I took the picture, and terrible lighting, but the colors were stunning together!) I can't wait to see the preofessional shots of those! Keep those colors coming!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updated samples - finally!

Hello, and happy spring! So I have finally updated my samples. Some are old styles with new (hopefully simpler) names and some are new styles altogether. The next weeks currently available are May 16-22, July 11-17, July 25-31, or most weeks after that. Happy planning!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New style - mashup?

This is a combination of styles that I have been using more and more recently. The name is in the alt caps lettering style and the address in the block CAPS style. It is especially great when you have invitations that mimic the style - and so many of them do, with the bride and groom's name in a script and the remainder of the invitation in block. It's a different look, and I quite like it - if it catches on I will offer it as a regular style!

Fun colorwork

Hello! Well, the virus has *mostly* been resolved, so while I have a quiet moment, here are some of the paper and ink things I've been working on. The first was a sign to adorn a getaway golf cart for a Florida wedding - I matched the details from the table cards to the sign. (Sorry it's rotated - that's another whole issue...). Can't wait to see the finished cart! The second set was actually much brighter than it photographed - a lovely bright hot pink that was so much fun to work on for Stephanie! (fine script, black ink). The third set was alt caps lettering and a custom mixed green ink to match Cindy's invitations. I always love working with light ink and dark paper - so pretty! (And while the invitations were not mine to show - they were GORGEOUS! Check out ....) Finally a mix of gold and navy blue fine script lettering to compliment the icing on Regina's envelopes. The spring always brings out the creative colorwork. There's been a lot of gold lately - I think that may be the 'it' color so far this year. Happy planning!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Computer Virus!!!

On Monday night I was hit with a virus and just got the computer back this evening. I've been trying to keep up via Blackberry, but I apologize for any delays in communications. Worse, I don't seem to have access to any emails received before Monday night (March 1) which will put a serious wrench in what details I do or do not remember for what we have planned. I have all email addresses on a hard copy, so I should be able to contact you with your upcoming dates as they approach, but if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will be ready to start answering emails again (currently I can't get anything to send or receive other than on the Blackberry), but I am trying to get everything back together as quickly as I can. And when I do, I actually have a ton of pictures to post! I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone - wish me luck!!

(And if you are better at computer recovery than I am, which would not be a difficult thing, please feel free to come on over and help out!!) :0)