Monday, December 29, 2014

Fabulous signage

This fall was all about the cool signs - Instagram and otherwise.    Lots of color and detail all around.  Love them!

Some fun envelopes

From top to bottom, Katie lettering in grey ink, a fun new lower case style designed for Jessica (and as always I love the light ink on dark paper), and what might be my favorite style of the year - Christmas cards done in Hogwarts lettering!

Escort cards

From top to bottom - escort cards in gothic lettering, wispy (love the keys here!), block lettering, and wispy with Mickey Mouse for a child's birthday.

Seating chart and matching sign

Love the sparkly swirls on these, and the fun lettering in the Instagram sign..

Gift bags

Just a few cute gift bags - the first is a stamp surrounded by chancery lettering, and the second is an all lower case style designed for Jessica.