Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy fall again!

I loved doing the job in the first photo! Brittany of had all different colored envelopes with color coordinated stamps and inks for each (katie mash up). Beautiful attention to detail - I would have love to have gotten one of these invitations in the mail! And if you don't know, Brittany ran a contest on her blog last year with the prize being my calligraphy on your Christmas cards! A little bird told me she may be running the same contest again this year, so keep your eye out for that! The last two photos were for Kinley - we did menus (she added her monogram to the top before having them printed, which explains the large space at the top) and signs for family member's wedding photos to be displayed at the reception (flourish in navy ink)
This is my slow time of year - not as many people getting married in December and early January, so I see a slow down for a few weeks. If you are a spring bride and happen to have your invitations early, or if you would like to fit in Christmas cards, thank you cards, party invitations, or any other type of project these next few weeks are your best chance for squeezing in before my schedule fills up again. Happy planning!!

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