Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assorted pictures, and random thoughts. (And more invitations for Barack Obama!)

Hello! It's been another busy week, but with the school year finally drawing to a close I will not be running back and forth to help out at all of the end of year activities, and I might catch a bit of a break! In the last post I commented on what my 'desk' (AKA my dining room table) might look like while buried in envelopes:

There are two 'cleaned up' versions (and by that I mean there are no boxes hanging off the end waiting to be picked up or shipped across the country....). I just finished the blue set for Edwina, and as always I do love the light ink on dark paper. Here is a close up sample (hello Mr. President!) that highlights the fine flourished script, alternate caps. (Also note my great grandmothers beautiful china!!)

And while I was posting photos, I thought I would include two placecard samples I made recently. The first is just such a GORGEOUS card! The second shows the dark green ink from the invitation in two different lettering styles.

Have a great week, and happy planning!


  1. Love the white on blue...but I am biased! :) Can't wait to see them in person!

  2. Glad you like them! We all know I ♥ light ink on dark paper, and the blue is so pretty. I'll be sending them out tomorrow!

  3. Hi Michele-

    Love your calligraphy! I wanted to see if I could ask what kind of holder you have there for your envelopes? The kind I've tried have always smeared the envelopes.
    Thanks! Katie