Monday, November 9, 2009

Christmas Card Calligraphy give-away!

A few months ago Brittany from inquired about booking a week with me so that she could give away 50 calligraphied envelopes for Christmas cards on her blog found here: . (Sorry - I am sure there is a neater way to link that, but my skills with the pen far outshine my computer skills!). Anyway, the giveaway is for the week of November 22-November 28 and all the details can be found on her blog. I can use any of my regular lettering styles and any ink color you like - the photo pictured here is a shot of my own Christmas cards done in red ink - fine script, and a little swiss dot embellishment on the zip code. (The envelope pictured on Brittany's blog is in the fine chancery italic...)

Thanks so much Brittany! What a fun give-away!!

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